boot Düsseldorf 2020 – Diving!

More than 400 exhibitors at the world’s largest diving trade fair


  • Attractions for diving fans include exotic hotspots

  • Latest diving equipment from the industry leaders

  • Thrilling demonstrations by stars in the Dive Center


Major training providers like Padi, SSI or the Association of German Scuba Divers will be there to give theoretical and practical tips, including assistance when visitors try diving in the Dive Center.

Newcomers can, for example, already learn how to communicate underwater and can proudly demonstrate their first “underwater OK”.



Petros Michelidakis, Director of boot Düsseldorf, is delighted about the strong demand from the industry:

It shows that boot is definitely the international hotspot for diving. Moving into Halls 11 and 12 has been such a good decision for the diving segment at the trade fair that we have even had to create additional space for the destinations in part of the “Travel World” Hall 13 as well.”



The presentations of popular and exotic diving regions will inspire divers to plan their next diving expedition: this is where they can take a look at the dramatic “Blue Hole” in Dahab / Egypt, experience the fascinating biodiversity of the Bonaire National Marine Park or discover the underwater world in Oman, with its huge shoals of fish and fantastic rock and coral formations. Divers can find out about countless breathtaking paradises by visiting the diving halls at boot. Anyone who finds exactly what he is looking for can then book his next trip or even expedition directly on-site with the international travel operators and diving hotspots.



The “Dive Center” in Hall 12 is a popular centre of attention. Beginners and experienced scuba divers will have an opportunity here every day during boot 2020 to watch exciting films about exotic diving destinations, listen to interviews with internationally renowned stars and obtain valuable tips for beginners when they try diving in the pool. There will be appearances by the most successful apnea diver in Germany and holder of 34 records (Anna von Boetticher), the filmmaker Florian Fischer – who has won numerous awards – with his creative network “Behind the Mask”, the adventurer and committed ocean activist Fred Buyle, the freediver and filmmaker Guillaume Néry, who – among other things – filmed the diving sequences in Beyoncé’s video “Runnin”, the high-profile actor and environmental activist Hannes Jaenicke, the South African shark filmer Morne Hardenberg, the representative of what is probably the most well-known diving family in the world (Pierre-Yves Cousteau) and the Portuguese BBC wildlife video photographer Nuno Sá, who is one of the best underwater videographers in the world.



The exhibits at boot are being enhanced at the technical level by the “Water Pixel World” that will be located once again directly in the diving segment in Hall 11. In addition to the latest developments and innovations relating to underwater filming and photography, workshops with community insiders will be playing a major role here from boot 2020 onwards. The pros will be giving tips and demonstrating tricks used in spectacular underwater photography and in handling video cameras and drones.


As a result, divers will learn how to take pictures and films of their excursions right from the start. I am looking forward very much to this exciting programme and the stunning pictures that we will get to see in the course of it.”



“love your ocean“ campaign with a stand in the diving halls

Ocean protection is an important concern to all water sports enthusiasts and to divers in particular. The “love your ocean campaign stand in Hall 11 is a reflection of this and is therefore the centrepiece of the diving halls. In liaison with the German Ocean Foundation and the boot ocean ambassador Emily Penn, this campaign has in the meantime had a tremendous impact all round the world. Well-known international marine conservationists will be reporting about activities carried out to maintain ocean diversity at the “Ocean Forum” on 21. January 2020.




Online ticket prices start at € 10.00

Advance sales of ticket to boot Düsseldorf have started. From now on, boot fans can save a great deal of money when they buy their tickets. members are the people who benefit most, because the admission tickets to the trade fair cost them considerably less, quite apart from the terrific special offers and competitions they enjoy all year round. The online ticket for the members costs only € 17.00, for example. In addition to this financial aspect, members are entitled to use the cool lounge with free WLAN during the trade fair. Which means that a visit to boot can start with a relaxing coffee in the lounge.

Travel on the public transport system free of charge

A particularly relaxed way to travel to boot is by the Rhine/Ruhr public transport system – which is free of charge too with the online ticket. It can be used to travel to and from the exhibition site in Düsseldorf on the Rheinbahn in the area covered by the Verkehrsverbundes Rhein-Ruhr (VRR, 2nd class, on trains in price category D for which no extra charge is made).


boot Düsseldorf

boot Düsseldorf is the biggest boat and water sports trade fair in the world with almost 250,000 visitors and is the place where all of the industry meets in January every year. About 2,000 exhibitors are presenting their interesting innovations, attractive new developments and maritime equipment from 18. to 26. January 2020. There is something for every water sports enthusiast, with the main focus on boats and yachts, motors and engine technology, equipment and accessories, services, canoes, kayaks, kitesurfing, rowing, diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, SUP, fishing, maritime art, marinas, water sports facilities, beach resorts and chartering.