Charles Clavem Champagne – The Key to Gold and Arts.

Elaborated like a unique piece of art, each bottle and case is dressed in the most luxurious materials offered by Mother Nature: gold, leather, gemstones…





The  ambition of Charles Clavem Champagne is to create a design as refined, inimitable and powerful for the cases and bottles as the wine it contains. Inspired by the Solera ageing method, this 10 years old cuvée is the exceptional alliance of 7 grape varieties, among which four of them represent less than 1% of the grape varieties planted in the Champagne area. This assemblage is blended and aged in traditional barrels by our master winemaker, thus offering these unique wine aromas of a great complexity and an incredible freshness.

Common grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Rare grape varieties: Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc

Almost disappeared grape varieties: Arbanne, Petit Meslier






Six carefully selected French craftsmen, recognized as experts in their fields, create these unique masterpieces, 100% made in France:


The NEBULA collection bottles are distinguished by an harmonious plain coat matching the shapes of the bottle. Affixed one by one with precision, each gold leaf is brought together for a great elegance.




The IMPETUS collection bottles, on the other hand, offer a work of gold of another scale. Each leaf is assembled to create a subtle contrast between the raw shine of gold and the brilliance of gemstones. A poetic confrontation full of textures giving this collection its character so impetuous. Each bottle, from both collections, is accompanied by a leather label, hot stamped with gold, and carrying in its heart one or several gemstones




Every handmade case, sealed with a personal key, is a real treasure chest. Prestigious leather, gold, precious gemstones, interior lined in velvet… as many noble materials making each case a unique jewel







What if you were the craftsman of your own piece?




The sole objective is to create the masterpiece of your dreams, or those of the person you wish to pay a special attention.




Follow the key to gold and arts, the symbol of all treasures