The BMW Welt “ensemble” – formed by the BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and the BMW Plant – has quickly become one of Bavaria’s top attractions. This is where the past, present and future of the world’s most successful premium automobile manufacturer come together to create a comprehensive brand experience. Together, the BMW Plant, the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt form a whole: the complete BMW Welt experience.



The BMW Welt Event Forum

The Event Forum offers exclusive spaces for business and cultural events. From product presentations to press conferences to round tables and seminars – the BMW Welt’s wide array of different spaces create the perfect venue for any kind of event.

Double Cone. With its stunning architecture and atmospheric lighting options, the Double Cone is an impressive option for special events with around 400 guests, such as a gala reception, official banquet or private art viewing


The versatile Auditorium forms the heart of the BMW Welt Event Forum. With its flexible topography and state-of-the-art technology, the 945 m2 Auditorium can accommodate many different types of events for up to 700 people. The floor is divided into segments which can be individually raised and lowered to change the structure of the room. Depending on how the floor segments are arranged, the space can be transformed into a level congress or banquet hall, a raised stage for live performances, an exhibition landscape or a cinema with tiered seating. The back wall of the Auditorium is formed by a retractable lift gate which separates it from an adjacent 450 m2 foyer with ample room for stylish receptions or catering, as well as exhibitions.

Business Club:

An exclusive atmosphere awaits guests in the 100 m2 Business Club. From high-level round table meetings to intimate fireside chats, product presentations to press conferences for a select handful of journalists – this is a comfortable space where guests can concentrate on work. Two fully glazed side walls provide open views of the BMW Welt Plaza and Olympic Park North.

Business Centre.

With its two conference rooms, the Business Centre is ideally suited for conferences with a larger number of participants and seminars for more intimate groups. The flexible and functional conference rooms can be divided into two smaller rooms as needed. The Business Centre Foyer is not only a central meeting point, but also a place to relax. Its comfortable lounge furnishings make it ideal for short breaks between seminars or a quick snack.

Indoor and outdoor terraces.

The BMW Welt’s Event Forum Terraces are the ideal venue for exquisite catering, as well as receptions, gala dinners, after-work events and casual get-togethers. The 200 and 300 m2 terraces can accommodate a standing reception for up to 110 or 130 people respectively. With banquet seating, the indoor terrace can accommodate 90 people, while the outdoor terrace has space for up to 100 people when the weather is fine.


The design of the different areas reflects the individual brand identities and the corresponding corporate identity. Interactive exhibits provide numerous points of contact and allow each visitor to experience the brands hands-on. All vehicles are open and unlocked and can be appreciated with all senses from the driver’s seat. A so-called “Product Genius” – a highly-qualified BMW Welt technical expert – is always on hand to answer more in-depth questions and provide detailed information on vehicles and technologies on a personal, one-to-one basis. The BMW Welt’s unique brand experience is rounded out with a new event concept, which allows the different brands to host their own events. Events like the BMW Jazz Award or MINI Clubbing highlight brand values and are geared towards each brand’s target group. In addition, the Junior Campus Portal provides the BMW Welt’s younger visitors with an introduction to the world of mobility, which they are invited to discover with a passion. The BMW Welt is also a popular venue and event location.

The architecture of the BMW Welt

Ever since it opened, the BMW Welt has been considered one of the first examples of a new generation of communications buildings for the 21st century: groundbreaking, characteristic and distinctive – the demands for the architecture of the BMW Welt were both complex and challenging. In 2001, 275 of the world’s top architects participated in an international architectural competition to design the BMW Welt. The concept proposed by Viennese architect Wolf D. Prix, one of the founding members and owner of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, was best able to fulfil the demands of the BMW Group. Prix was a former pupil of Karl Schwanzer, the architect who designed the “Four-Cylinder” and the BMW Museum complex. It is no coincidence that the builder-architect created a number of interesting views between the BMW Welt and the “Four-Cylinder”.

Architecture of movement Once the foundation stone was laid in July 2004, Prix’s idea of a gigantic 25,000 m2 walk-in cloud, developing from a twisted Double Cone of glass and steel, began to take shape. His design represents a dynamic snapshot of a movement frozen in time as it reaches its zenith – a whirlwind that signals from afar that its inner focus is on dynamics and mobility. The realisation of the BMW Welt’s dramatic architecture was made possible by significant technological advances.

The Double Cone, also referred to as the “Whirlwind”, is the architectural landmark and communicative highlight of the BMW Welt. With a diameter of 45 metres at the top and 35 metres at the base, it merges into the seemingly weightless floating roof and is one of its supports. Its form is essentially that of a symmetrical double cone. However, its intrinsic symmetry is suspended through a backward tilt of its central axis and an inner twist that creates the impression of a whirlwind. No two structural elements are identical. Each glass panel and each steel frame used in the construction of the facade is unique.

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